NOP – National Revival of Poland

Between 800 and 1 500 activists
Founded on:
November 10, 1981, registered as a political party in 1992
Political heir of the Obóz Narodowo-Radykalny Union (radical national camp) which already had broken away from Endecja in 1934. Obóz Narodowo-Radykalny openly laid claim to fascism and would have settled pogroms

Leader: Adam Gmurczyk

Representativeness Parliamentary elections 2005 (0,06%)
Weak results at Parliamentary elections de 2007
Parliamentary elections in 2011: the candidate of the first district reached 3,10% of voters.

Ideology Nationalist, Third position
European Affiliations European national front(founding member with Forza Nuova and Falange Espanola de las JONS)
Member of international Third Position
Themes - Nationalist
– Third position
– Corporate
– Homophobic
– Anti-abortion ( prolife)
– Anti-euthanasia

Ideology - Refuse Poland entrance into the European Union (adhesion = loss of Polish économical and political sovereignty)
– Opposition to Polish entrance into the NATO
– In favour of deathpenalty restoration for crimes such as murder, rape, drug-trafficking
– Opposed to homosexual civil rights
– In favor of a radical environmental policy
– Fight against corruption with heavy sentences
– Nationalization of strategical areas
– Cut of 50% in governmental bureaucracy
– Drop of some taxes and abolition of some others
– Severe Bank inspections (Loans with low interests)
– Suspension of external debt payment

Symbols This logo depicts a hand holding a sword(alluding to the symbol used by the radical nationalists before WW2). Used colors are red and white, reminding symbols of other european nationalist parties .
Infield activities The official press organ is the « Szczerbiec », in the name of the Polish coronation sword
Activists Mostly skinheads
Miscellaneous Campaign against homosexual rights « Faggotry Forbidden» in 2011. On the occasion of this campaign, the party registered several symbols as brands.
– A roadsign « Faggottry forbidden » showing two men copulating
– A celtic cross
– A phalanx
Nationalists were henceforth able to use those symbols and to sue any parodic misuse of them. This decision had been pronounced on the basis of experts statements stating that the related symbols were not connected to fascist neither racist contents
Several trials based on incitement to racial. Convicted NOP members only received small sentences before being acquitted